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Spray Booths

Our fully down draft spray booths are internationally known and recognized for their quality and technological advancement which continues to be unsurpassed in the industry for manufacturing and installing world class units.


We have the ability to build 'MADE TO MEASURE" units to cater for all customer needs ranging from the smallest operations to the largest.


Our spray booths are also able to be used for Water Based paints without any extra blowers or fans.

Our customers include major corporations such as; Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Glassurit Technical Centre, British Aerospace, Air Bus, Torro Russo Red Bull, F1 Team.



  • Panels filled with compressed fiberglass
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Top corner lights with 4 fluros in each light fitting
  • Antispark centrifugal fan on exhaust
  • Vibration damper between cabin & fan
  • Galvanized base & grills
  • Low noise level
  • Door rubbers with air cushion (10 years warranty)
  • Lifetime warranty on heat exchanger
  • Lifetime warranty on the cabin
  • Lifetime warranty on the door hinges
  • Compliance with all relevant standards


  • Side lights with 2 fluros in each light fitting at hip level
  • Internal pneumatic ramps
  • Internal stationery ramps
  • Space saving option with burner unit and exhaust positioned on top of cabin
  • ECO heating panels for water and solvent based paint (alleviating the need for gas or diesel burners – carbon monoxide free)