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Eco Panels

Go GREEN and help to save our environment with our CMC ECO heating panels.


The ECO Heating panels can be installed in new or existing Spray Booths and Prep Stations and will save you up to 80% of your running costs.


The ECO Heating panels allow for work with waterborne paints at the same drying time as solvent based paints.


The basic kit of ECO Heating panels consists of 10 panels – 6 panels on the walls and 4 panels on the roof of the spray booth or Prep Station (with walls).


“A Spray Booth equipped with our ECO Heating Panels is a revolution in the body shop!”


  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • No need for a burner
  • No need for gas or diesel
  • No need for submissions to local authorities
  • Carbon monoxide free
  • No need to heat up and exhaust large volumes of air, hence energy consumption is drastically reduced (approximately 80% lower)
  • Electricity consumption for ventilation is drastically reduced
  • Increases the life of filters
  • Reduction in noise level

The Company

The manufacturer and supplier of the ECO panels has been established since 1978 and is a world leader in this type of industrial equipment and can provide an efficient, reliable and economical solution.