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KS Mobile Systems

Mobile extraction unit equipped for simultaneous connection to two electric tools. Robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable machine. TÜV certification assures the operator a high degree of quality and safety. Powerful and reliable, each fitted with two 1000 W motors


Dual start-up system:

  • Manual or automatic, with a significant energy saving.
  • Optional selection of two speeds to optimize extraction according to the number of tools connected
  • Class M certificated filter (EN 60335-2-69)
  • Highly-efficient filter system thanks to dual protection
  • Pratical front door (patented by RUPES) to simplify the access to the dust collection bag
  • Detachable side panels for storing extraction or power tubes



  • Universal use for extraction of ordinary dust and grinding products in all sectors: autmotive, coach-building, shipbuilding, carpentry, and industry
  • Powerful, robust and reliable, fitted for simultaneous connection to two tools


2 Way Manual Terminals

DC 2 – DC 2W – DC W

Suitable for all centralized extraction equipment for which automatic starting of extraction is not required.



  • Simple economical work terminals for centralized equipment
  • Allows for the connection of extraction hoses and manual opening / closing of the extraction



  • Hose for pneumatic and electric tools


Manual & Automatic Terminals for Recess Mounting – Multifunctional Terminal

PE 1 – PE 1A – PE 2 – PE 2A – PE 1S

The PE series terminals can be either built in or wall mounted for Prep Station areas where it is desireable to optimise space.



  • 38mm diam rubber sleeve
  • Assembly plate



  • Service terminals for 1 or 2 operators
  • Availalbe in manual PE1 – PE 2
  • Available in automatic remote start up PE 1A – PE 2A
  • Ideal for built in installation in prep station area
  • Can be installed on a wall
  • Equipped with electrical outlets and pneumatic connections for tools and service
  • Panel with only built in service outlets without a vacuum connection PE 1S



  • Hose for pneumatic and electric tools
  • Support for wall mounting PE 1
  • Support for wall mounting PE 2

PF 91 & PFX 91 – Pre Filter Units

Extraction pre filter for potentially explosive dust in accordance with the ATEX directive. The unit has an 8m antistatic filter with the pneumatic filter cleaning system provided by the Rotorjet System. The pre filtering stag can be installed in an ATEX classified area (zone 22) and then connected to a traditional extraction turbine installed outside the ATEX zone.


PF 91 Extends the possibility of using hte HE series turbine to extracting miscellaneous materils that may cause damage to filters such as sharp granuels, nails, metal shavings or broken glass.


PFX 91 Necessary for extracting glass fragments and potentially explosive dust.



  • Kit for pneumatic connection to a RUPES turbine for PFX 91
  • Air pressure regulator



  • Filter units for centralized equipment, designed for connection to turbines
  • Front door for easy extraction of the dust container
  • PF 91 Designed to give a unit and its potential applications maximum filtering power, filtering almost every kind of dust and shaving, both fine and coarse. The metal filter separates out the heavier coarser particles and sends them to a dedicated container allowing them to be disposed of separately, thereby alleviating the strain on the filter and enabling the exgtraction unit to operate at maximum efficiency
  • PFX 91 Filter unit for potentially explosive dust types (ATEX diretive). Designed for connection to RUPES turbines and enabling the equipment to operate safely even in the presence of potentialy hazardous dust. Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.



  • Complete system of tubes and connections


HB 3000 – HF 3000 – HF 3000A - 3 mts long


HB 6000 – HF 6000 – HF 6000A – 6 mts long


Suitable for all areas in which sanding and painting preparation work is done. Allows you to work without hoses and cables trailing across the floor.



  • Extremely robust, structure reinforced with painted steel and with a wall support
  • Central joint fitted (HB 6000 – HF 6000)
  • Wide coverage of the working area – the operator is able to move and position himself freely within an area from 25 to 50m
  • HB 3000 – HB 6000 work terminal (EP series control unit not supplied) is fitted suspended to the end of the arm
  • HF 3000 – HF 3000A - HF 6000 – HF 6000A - the work terminal is installed directly on the arm – remote control for automatic extraction starting (HF 3000A - HF 6000A), two sockets for fixtures, two air connections for pneumatic tools, two connections for extraction, one electrical work socket, one attachment for controlled dry air



  • Hose for pneumatic and electric tools


Multifunctional Terminals – EP3 – EP 3A – EP 3X



  • Work terminals for centralized equipment EP series control units, designed to be installed suspended on HB series arms
  • Provided – two double electrical, pneumatic and extraction sockets for simultaneous use of two electrical or pneumatic tools, one compressed air inlet with pressure regulator and one selector for choosing the operating mode
  • EP 3 – Manual start
  • EP 3A – Manual or automatic start
  • EP 3C – Manual or automatic start with Cut Off system
  • EP 3X – Manual or automatic start with ATEX control unit



  • Hose for pneumatic and electirc tools


Cut Off System

The purpose of the CUT OFF SYSTEM is to maximize the performance of centralized systems, thereby improving the extraction of individual tools connected to it – special values automatically shot off the extraction flow for those tools which, although connected to the unit are temporarily inactive. In this way the capacity of the extraction unit is shared only amoung those tools which are actually operating, hence the maximum extractive power is passed to active workstations only.