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Prep Stations

Our Prep Stations are designed to enhance and shorten the repairing process by combining practability, low running costs and more importantly a system with a healthy safeguard for the end user. From the most simple suction bay to the most complex and complete prep station with ceiling filters it is an essential piece of workshop equipment for sanding and preparation work of motor vehicles and parts before they are sprayed.


Features (Fully Down Draft)

  • Four stage filtration system with pre filters
  • One antispark centrifugal exhaust fan
  • One centrifugal inlet fan
  • Low noise level
  • Storage cabinet with stainless steel top & shelving
  • Vibration damper between cabin & fan
  • Electric dampers to open & close ducting
  • Compliance with all relevant standards



  • Infrared “L” System
  • ECO heating panels for water and solvent based paint (alleviating the need for gas or diesel burners – carbon monoxide free)
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Car lift
  • Internal stationery ramps
  • Internal pneumatic ramps
  • Electric or manual curtains


The Prep Stations are also available as;

  • Semi Down Draft
  • End Draft