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Parking Systems

The Company

O.M.E.R. is a leading Italian manufacturer of quality and up to date vehicle lifts and car parking systems which first began in the 70’s.


The determination and dedication of  O.M.E.R has made it a successful and well know entity worldwide.


O.M.E.R. is able to satisfy any need for vehicle lifts and car parking systems from a minor domestic unit to a more sophisticated and automated system for multiple vehicles.


Parking system for 2 independent cars



The Bipark is controlled by an Electro-Hydraulic Pump equipped with a “dead man” presence Push Button Board, which can be easily positioned as desired.


The high quality materials, manufacturing care teamed with the coating treatments of the unit guarantees the product to have a long life span regardless if it is installed indoors or outdoors.

The Bipark is certified with the CE mark.



Capacity Platform Length Power Motor Weight Speed Noise Level
2600 Kgs 1800mm 380V/3Ph/50Hz 1.5Kw 1100kgs 3 cm/s <70dB


Move 20+20/2

Parking system for 4 independent cars



The Move 20+20/2 is a parking system for four (4) independent cars and is made up of two galvanized platforms which are set out vertically and securely joined together. Each platform has a capacity of 4000kgs and are made from structural metal tubes covered with bent tread plate.


The Move 20+20/2 can store two (2) cars side by side on each platform with enough space to open the driver’s side door.


This parking system also features safety devices with technical specifications approved by the strictest international certification bodies.


The Move 20+20/2 is certified with the CE mark.



Capacity Length Width Column Height Distance Between Platforms Motor Power
4000 Kgs 5200mm 4630mm 5940mm 1800mm 7.5kw 238-400V/3/50Hz


Move 30 N

An electric-hydraulic lifting platform designed for the transport of vehicles or other loads to other levels.



The Move 30N features a very compact structure which is made up of a platform that travels along guides. The guides are normally installed in an upwards direction although they can be mounted in a downward direction as an option.


The fact that the Move 30N is so compact allows for installation in an area where there is limited space.


The Move 30N lifting platform allows you to use all available space in the relevant area and has been successfully installed in many different urban, residential and commercial environments – in home car parks, hotels, apartment blocks, garages, car dealer yards, workshops etc.


The accuracy of the design teamed with the high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the unit and the finish (sandblasting and epoxy powder coating) make the Move 30N a highly reliable and long lasing unit.


The Move 30N is certified with the CE mark.



Capacity Length Width Column Height Motor Weight Possible Stops Noise Level Power
3000 kgs 5200mm 2850mm 12,800mm max 4 kw 3000kgs 1÷ 6 <70dB 238-400V/3/50Hz



Tecnopark is a fully automated electro-hydraulic parking system.



Tecnopark vehicle storage whilst making the most of different / awkward shaped areas such as courtyards, garage basements.


The system uses hydraulics for the vertical movements of the lift and electricity for all the horizontal movements of the parking platforms.


The vehicle is moved using metal platforms supported by plastic wheels that reduce noise and structural vibrations to the barest minimum. It is extremely versatile modular parking that is flexible and can be adapted to various urban areas.


This system allows you to choose from two types of vertical lift – column or pantograph and can be used in a wide range of situations. Where possible installation of a turntable makes it possible to orientate the vehicle so that it can easily be driven into and out of the parking space.


The high tech control panel can be monitored remotely over a standard phone line. Each cell has a code that can be called up by the user to identify his vehicle.


The parking system can be fitted with fire detection and a sprinkler system.


Tecnopark is certified with the CE mark.